Enhance your competitive benchrest shooting or long-range hunting.

Attrum Rifle offers long range gunsmithing options for the 1000 yard competitive benchrest shooter, F-Class competitor, long range hunter, and the accuracy aficionado.

1000 yard benchrest rifles are my specialty



Thank you for your interest in Attrum Rifle.  I’d like to take a moment and let you know a little about the shooter behind the business. 

I was bitten by the 1000 yard bug in 2003 and have been shooting competitively ever since.  I quickly found out that the only way to small groups at that distance is in pulling out all the stops when it comes to strict attention to detail.  Additionally, I had to return to junior high science classes to rekindle the proper use of the scientific method.  But first and foremost I needed to find a really good gunsmith who understood  the long range game.  I found my way to these areas and was able to start winning relays and matches.  


With only 2 years into the sport I became extremely successful.  In 2005 I won the 1000 Yard World Open Light Gun Championship and also the Light Gun Score champion award. Then in 2009 I set the 1000 Yard Score world record shooting a 4.277” 100 score! 


Fast forward 2 years to 2011,  and my focus turned from shooter to coach. At that time my son, Jack, began competitive shooting.  In just his first year of competition at Williamsport he was awarded Junior Shooter of the Year and finished in the top 5 of all Light Gun aggregates. The rifle Jack shot was the first gun I had chambered on my own some two years earlier.  It was a used barrel to boot, and that old barrel is still around on a Dasher fire forming rifle. My coaching hasn’t stopped.  I continue to share my knowledge of this long range game with all shooters and enthusiasts who care to ask for help.  I am also a 1000 Yard Instructor at the PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club, Inc. where I serve as the club’s Vice President.  This game is my passion and I truly enjoy seeing others become successful.  


As my tenure in competition progressed I have been blessed to stay in the top of the 1000 yard aggregates and have managed to place well and win other Light Gun World Open matches.  


So in 2009 the thoughts of believing I was doing all that I could at the loading bench and on the firing line left me wanting more. (By the way, you can never do more at those two venues.) I desired a way to expand my personal skill set with my own rifles. This desire and drive eventually led me to the thought of chambering my own rifles. I did just that and what a reward!  This too began the early rumblings of Attrum Rifle.  I learned quickly and was able to draw knowledge from the experience and guidance of two master machinists and gun smiths; The late Don Clark and Sid Goodling, a heavenly nod to you two men. Guidance was also offered by my good friend David Powley.  What a blessing from God to have friends like them. I began cutting metal then and it’s been an adventure ever since.  In 2020 I decided it was time to make my passion a business and Attrum Rifle put out a shingle.  


Another success for me, my rifles, and my business is in the two rifles I chambered in early 2021. They went on to win the 2021 1000 Yard World open Two Gun Overall Championship as well as another Light Gun Score Champion award.  



So that’s a condensed account of the shooter turned gunsmith. 

If my story is of interest, and you also want to know me better, reach out. I’m hopeful our conversation will lead into Attrum Rifle chambering a championship 1000 yard benchrest rifle, F-Class gun, PRS rig, or a long range hunter.  Name your interest and goal in the shooting sports and I will customize a rifle to that request.  Regardless of your specific interest, I will take the time to ensure that the final product will have benchrest accuracy.  

Good Shooting,

Andy Murtagh



"My rifle smithing is to deliver results in accuracy to the long range aficionado. I’m passionate about quality and results. It is present in my work and in my shooting. My goal is to have you be a satisfied and accurate shooter using an Attrum Rifle."





Thread, chamber/rechamber custom barrels 

A complete chamber job will include threading, indexing, crown, polish to 320 finish, and engraving. 



Muzzle brake Installation of a Harrell’s brake with crowning of both brake and barrel. 

Tactical and tuners can also be installed.



Engravings are diamond stylus etched, and you can choose between 4 font choices.



Custom shoulder bump gauges are made from 416 stainless steel and are cut for the same reamer that cut the respective chamber.  

* The custom gauge will assist in fine tuning the die shoulder bump of .0005 and up   The gauge doubles as a bullet seating depth tool for a newly chambered barrel. 



Inline-Seating dies are made from Wilson die blanks and are cut with the same reamer that cut the respective chamber.



Full stock inletting and aluminum pillar bedding services are available.

Hydro dipping and clear coating is also available. *Hydro dipped stocks/clear will be completed by Rick Schuh at Boyzhid.

Pricing will be determined by Boyzhid.



Cerakote services and finishes on all metal is available.



Crowning services are available on all rifles.

IMG-1084 (1).jpg


Glass bead blasting finishes and services on all metal is available.



Neck turning, false shoulders, primer pocket uniforming, flash hole deburring, and annealing. *100 case minimum.



Attrum Rifle carries an assortment of shooting supplies.

Powder in limited supply*

*local pick up only at present.





Jack A Murtagh : 12/23/98 - 11/14/21